Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Some sketchie - detchies.

Here's some drawings I did recently. For the first one I was trying to use different coloring techniques than I normally do with just a black pen. There's also a random scribbly face in there. The second is an elderly gawking lost spaceman with his buddy.

I'll be posting more things on this blog now while I try to organize and create a new website.

Heads for Christmas!

Hey! Back again. After the Mass of Christ, know as Christmas. I made some head - toy - dude thingies for my family for for christmas! They have each been given the gifts of neck bumps, bushy eyebrows, and a "personalized" thingy object on the top o' each head.

I have been naming these guys randomly. The words mean nothing... I mean something.

This is one I just recently made for my girlfriend Winona for her birthday.

It has a real rat skull (kinda modified a bit) on it's head and scragly witch - doctor hair. Anyways, hope you enjoy looking at these things. I want to make a bunch and try to sell them at ComicCon some year. If not this year, then maybe... 2008? We will see.