Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Comic

Or something like that?

Also, this guy named John Ikuma has started publishing an online stop motion magazine that has some great interviews and such with talented folks. If you have any interest in stop motion, I recommend it.

Also, my girlfriend Winona Regan put a trailer up online for her fantastic film "Haunted Heart". It was traditionally hand animated and painted on cels. I did the soundtrack to it.

Have a sweaty swell time.

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District 9

Friday, August 14, 2009

Japanese Kobe Toys

Here's some funny Japanese toys I recently stumbled across on ebay. Supposedly they are called "Kobe" or "Kobi" toys.

I think I literally jumped a little bit in shock when I saw that they're facial features pop out like that. Weird!

Here's one called "Teddy the Artist". He actually draws... Looks like you put a stencil in the bottom, and he draws it on the top? Sounds like fun.

3 - word movie review:
Bucket of Blood (1959)

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Empire Muggs Back Taun Taun!

Hello. I recently got to participate in something pretty cool... Lucasfilm decided to do an online auction for charity, in which they chose a large handful of artists to modify these vinyl toys called "mighty muggs" into an interpretation of any star wars character of their choice. They call it "The Empire Muggs Back".

Luckily this happened while I was recently working at Shadow Machine animation, animating on their new show "Titan Maximum", because Lucasfilm asked a bunch of people from Shadow Machine to participate. Good timing!

I decided to go with a character from one of the most memorable shots in the whole series for me. I made the Taun Taun that Han Solo slices open, to warm Luke with it's steamy innards.

Here's a little guy, scared at the sight. Not sure who he's supposed to be actually... sort of like a Han/Luke hybrid../?

So it's up for auction for about seven more days... here's the link to mine directly, if you want to bid on it or something, eh? It's doing well so far, hopefully it'll raise a bunch of money, which will go to the Make - A - Wish foundation. Check out the other ones too, these artists did some pretty amazing stuff.

Oh yes, and soon I will have an artist profile / interview on I will edit this post with a link when that goes up. Horray for helping, yeeeeah!

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