Monday, May 07, 2012

The Woods - Development Art

Hey guys, here are some designs and concept art from the show I was developing. There is so much more than what is here, but this should wet yer tongue a bit.

The show is about this kid named Boyo, who is lost in the Woods. He doesn't know how he got there, he can't get out, and he's mostly accepted this. Boyo befriends a talking Bush with legs named Cuts. Together, they are continually stuck between wars that are going on between different tribes within the Woods. These tribes are the REPS (Strange foofy lizard-creatures whom live in fancy underground tunnels), the WOODSIES (Pretty much any plant, tree, and blade of grass in the Woods) and the BUGS (The bugs are... well, bugs). While these tribes have quarreled on and off for ages, they all share a common enemy... The beyond-psychotic Woodsman. The Woodsman is the same character from my film "I Live in the Woods".

Here's the image I used for the cover of my pitch bible. This is with an earlier design of Boyo.

Here are some drawings of Cuts & Boyo

Here's a Bug puppet I made, but didn't include in the animation test. You can see here how a cartoon drawing can translate into puppet form.

Some other Bugs. These are mostly just random side-characters.

This is Queen Pit, the old-lady lizard-leader of all the REPS.

Here's more REPS.

Here are some of the WOODSIE tribe members.

These are some "rough" color and environment concepts by my very talented friend Romney Caswell.

Well, I hope you enjoyed having a gander at this stuff!

Oh yeah, and don't steel my ideas, or all your friends will leave you. And your pets (If you don't have friends). Thanks!

Friday, May 04, 2012

The Woods! Animation Test

Hey folks. For the past 2 years, I have been developing a stop motion cartoon show. I was recently informed that they don't want to go through with making it into a show. It's a bummer, because so much of my time, energy and brain power have gone into this project the past few years. But hey, this stuff happens all the time with projects in development.

But the cool news is, that while developing this project, I got to spend time developing characters, settings, storyboards, etc. AND I got to make this minute - long animation test! This was sort of a "proof of concept" type - thing. Because stop motion shows aren't made often, they wanted to see if cartoon characters could successfully be realized in stop motion. This test wasn't a failure, they actually really liked it, and it wasn't the reason for the ultimate demise of my show. Anyways, now it's on "the net" for all to enjoy, so... here you go!
The Woods - animation test from Max Winston on Vimeo.