Monday, April 27, 2009

Movie posters for the masses!

Here's some discoveries I've come across recently that stood out.

Never seen the movie... but what a striking image! What's going on? I dunno, but it looks scary, powerful, and unique.

Japanese poster for Nightmare on Elm Street. What a weird design for a movie poster... why would you even do it this way? Just seems so confusing. Unfortunately most Japanese posters for American films I have seen seem to be this style. I kind of like it but I don't think it gets the point across.

Czech poster for Marathon Man.

Czech poster for Cat o' Nine Tails. I like how something as simple as overlaying these two images can create such an odd feeling for an image. I think if I saw this photoshopped though, I would be put off... Maybe it's the painted style that helps make the idea more believable.

Polish poster for The Big Lebowski. So funny! I love the guy saying "I just bought that car last week!". If I saw this poster I would instantly buy 17 tickets.

Turkish poster for One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. This is so weird because it combines imagery from both this film and "The Shining". Look, there's Shelley Duvall on the left. Why? I don't know. To get people to come see those actors or something? Weird to imagine this technique being used on today's films...

American poster for Phantom of the Paradise. Love the composition, really does give the feel of this film. Alternately, check out...

THIS American poster for the same film. Very different, much more simple... but still conveys the darker side of the film. The representation of the main character is very different, too. Like sort of a cartoon in a real environment. Which the character sort of is in the film, too...

Anyways, fun stuff. I'm still wondering when film posters of the future will start learning from their past about the possibilities of representing the film's idea, story, and characters in a more interesting and convincing manner.

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3 - word movie review

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Horrible Photoshop jobs on multi - million dollar movies.

Maybe hollywood just doesn't like pets?

A better movie poster post to come soon... working like a DOG...

3 - word movie review:
Definitely not either of these