Tuesday, June 27, 2006

So to kick things off, here is a birthday card I made for my grandma the other day. Kind of bizarre for a grandma, but she seemed to like it. It was sort of a last hour-ish thing so I just banged it out, with love, of course. Ok, later.


Gregory Sesma said...

Welcome to the world of the interweb young MaxWinston

jesus chambrot said...

Hey Max,

good to see you posting. One advice about posting is to always walk slow and make absolutely no eye contact.

Hope that heps!

Debralee Shelby said...

Max!!!! Great to see you got one of these things too. I'm looking forward to seeing ur stuff.

Mad Max Winston said...

Hey, cool, thanks guys. I've gotta post more now. I've enjoyed going to all your blogs too. Seems like everyone has one of these now, like an... online sketchbook or something.

Jeez Jesus, thanks for the eye contact joke, don't you know I'm blind!?! yeah, it's pretty hard to type all this when you're blind too... Yar!!!

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