Saturday, July 08, 2006

Wolverine? I don't see it.

So here's what I looked like at work the other day. Maybe that's why that little kid told me I look like Wolverine. I mean, I don't get it, this is how I always dress, but hey, you know those kids, always runnin' wild with their damn imagination! Ho heh...

Speaking of Wolverine... I just found this picture on the internet today. What's up with this? Does Wolverine dislike Black People? I sure hope not. They're probably just playing some kind of fun game. Like Pulp Fiction.

Wow, and last but not least... Try searching for your name in quotes on Google images. You never know what may come up. I found this small picture of myself in a speed-drumming contest that was set up at the warped tour in like... 2001? Wowser! There was just this one drum pad and you had a minute to hit it as fast as you could, pretty much. I got in 8th place out of a whole bunch of people, yeah! I did 834 hits, or "strokes" as "we" call them. Here's the pic:

Can you FEEL the action!?! Ok, time to go make more art to put up on this thing... Later.


Gregory Sesma said...

the last picture is tiny.... so very, very tiny

Debralee Shelby said...

Wow Max, have you been workin out lately!!

jeaux janovsky said...

i'm totally linking to yr magical mountain of mush max!
please do the same for me ;)
glad to see you and yr work (apart from yr site) on the intraweb blaaargh style.
hope all is well!
big ups 4 life,

Anonymous said... is a cool word, i agree.
so, yer diggin' the ape drapes huh?.......weird.
nope, didn't go to cal-arts. i'm working as a atoryboard artist out here in Glendale, and feel the need to pass time by posting boring and random drawings while i'm on down time at work.
F*#@kin' Eh.

Mad Max Winston said...

Hey All, whassshappenin?

Yo Jeaux(JOE!) - I'll link to your blog thing as soon as I can figure out how! I've tried, but I can't seem to shake 'em. I want to link to all my friends, and inspirational folks.

Hey Eel blog, your drawings aren't boring! I like 'em! Especially das ape.

Greg and Debski... How could that last picture be small if I've been working out recently? Come on guys... I'm like Superman now, to be almost honest. By the way that movie rocked also. Hey Greg, call me again, I still don't have your number... damn this broken technology!

Kayla said...

Dig the photo of you in the speed drumming contest

Leo Matsuda said...

hahahah.....This picture is really funny man....ahahah
You are crazy, Max.....I am glad to hearing from you man!!! I herad that you've got an internship at laika....AWESOME DUDE!!!!....I will be living on campus but Levi and Dimitri are coming back the next semester....Lets kick asses, man!!!!

Mad Max Winston said...

Leo, you are so awesome, we will definitely kick many asses next year! Really, right when I walk in the door, I'll kick the first ass I see!!! WHAMOLA!!!