Friday, November 03, 2006


Hello again everyone! This is an ancient creature that my pet shovel dug up in my backyard recently. According to experts it is the first caveman to ever have existed, before his unfortunate demise when he was ransacked by all the other cavemen who were ugly and did not like him. Alright, just kidding, this is a sculpture I completed sort of recently. And I think it's awesome! He has a "fine stache" and many other features. It was hard to find a good angle to photograph him from!

His name... is Dengar Mantar.

He is going to be in the "modified toys" show at Monkeyhouse Toys in LA. If you're around LA, and reading this, you should go. There will be tons of modified toys from very many artists there. It'll be awesome. Alright then, more to come soon, enjoy.


Todd Harris said...

Dengar is a perfect name for this sculpture. great job on this. Looks like he could wind up on the island of misfit toys.

Winona said...

I like the second photo of him a lot, he is one bad ass ( I ) dude. An improvement to the original, and the show is soon, this month!

Moro Rogers said...

Hooooly...crap. That's pretty cool.^^

SMacLeod said...

holy shniiikeees!

Hryma said...

Awesome sculpture dude! Got a lot of great work on here.
I dig that you posted the photo of the Goonies house, sweet! and ya got good taste in music to dude.