Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Color Comic of Coybergsteinton (?)

Here's a comic I made recently... IN COLOR! Wow, big step. I haven't used color for a while, so I'm trying to get back into it while thinking of some new approaches. I've been kind of obsessively looking at Bill Seinkiewicz's work recently. He is amazing!

The colors are more vibrant in person, but of course I guess they always are.


Anonymous said...

far out man, mabe all we're really looking for are free hot dogs..

Anonymous said...

wax minston, color has been calling for you, a match made in heaven. the perspective on the guy in the 2nd panel is pretty wack, my only complaint. photocopy transfer, stencil, and pens 'n stuff? please tell. seinkiewicz would be proud.
Sergio Toppi is one of my favorites, not sure he is up your ally all the way, but i like him alotalotalot. also Moebius. aslo Claire Wendling. also... ill stop cuz that could go on for a while.
and princess peace pipe, we havent met, but i want to adopt all you children, as do my friends.

Anonymous said...
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Mad Max Winston said...

Hello, whoever you are. Who are you? Wait a minute, I think I know... Anyways, glad you like the color. I agree about the perspective on the dood in the 2nd panel, too. Good judgement, damn you! Yeah I did photocopy transfer, pens, watercolor, some acrylic. Also taped off some areas kinda like a stencil. I guess it's called a frisket or something. Reveal yourself!

Anonymous said...

cale salmond ajioka, at your service

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, i mad a comic you should see, i tried to e mail it but it is too big (i dont want to give it out all tiny, i hate that) any other way i can get it to you?