Thursday, April 26, 2007

Friends and new Friends(?)

Hey. I just gotta say that my friend Cale Ajioka just made one of the coolest comics I have seen in years, litereally. Please go look at it here:

Then you can vote for it in this contest - thingy it's in, which I think you should do because it is without a doubt the best one on the site by far! I am not joking. Check it out. Also...

Lloyd Kaufman (President of TROMA entertainment, creator of the Toxic Avenger, and more) was at CalArts tonight! He gave a presentation in my business of film class. He was the one of the nicest, most open people I have met, and one of the sleaziest older men I have met. And I've met my fair share! Nah, just kidding. But it was really awesome, and now I have A BUNCH of leftover pamphlets and TROMA stickers. Does anybody want some?

This guy is amazing, as you can see here.


cale ajioka said...

WAARRG! haha, thanks Maxamillion, i thought you would like it. its going to be printed up in my school anthology at least, if not that Volcomics. im also going to try and submit it to this other really cool anthology that prints amature as well as pro stuff. i think Moebius had somthing in one of them.. any way its called Negative Burn, you should look into it becasue they do some pretty alterative stuff. I have heard of people making thier own tone, but not that way. thats a really good idea. I seriously can NOT wait to see your completed film. put it up already, damn..i told you this already, but ive shown your stuff to all my friends down here in the dirtty south and your a smash hit, to say the least. nice Toxic shirt lol. cant wait to see you and everyone else soon soon spooooon! thanks again for the shout out, you old man lover.

cale ajioka said...

ps. could you not get that link to work either??

jriggity said...

Hey dood!

I saw you at the Stop mo expo this last weekend!! I didnt say anything to you but a passing nod.

I was the shaved head guy with the tattos on my dome.

I just found your blog!

Cool stuff you got here! I wish I found it before the expo....I would have love to chat.

are you a Los Angeles guy?

heres me and my wifes the film were creating right now.


Anonymous said...

yeah cale's comic is boss.

yezix said...

Hey thanks for your comment! Are you in the experimental animation department of CalArts? What do you think of CalArts? I was given the option to rethink my decision of going to Ringling.

Sweet stuff on your blog! I'll have to check out your films when I get home!