Friday, February 13, 2009

Honorable Mention!

Hello friends and kind folk!

My film "I Live in the Woods" received an honorable mention last month at Sundance! The picture above is me at the premiere screening, giving my intro. A weird moment/pose to capture... I think I was telling some joke about a sandwich or something.

I was very surprised, amazed, and excited to receive the honorable mention. Some other shorts got them as well, including this totally insane short "Treevenge" from some awesome Canadian filmmakers, and "Western Spaghetti" by one of my favorite stopmotion filmmakers PES. Twas' an honor. able. mention.

You can no longer download the film on itunes, by the way. But maybe you'll see it I dunno, in a theater, in an airplane, or maybe one day, on the surface of the mooooooon???

3 - word movie review:


Anonymous said...

Congrats dude. Nice job. Love the picture. It appears that your Woodsman is jumping off of your head. Congrats.

Anonymous said...

3 words. Good Work Max. 3 more words: You talented *********** (i'm not even sure what the last word is, but it's probably rather creative)

Anonymous said...

And Treevenge is really good. But it aint no I live in the Woods. That flick is badassery to the core. If i had a bunch of money i'd give it to you to make a feature with. The woodsman goes to town on Coraline. Booyah.

jriggity said...

Congrats again man!!

totally badd ass!

INSPIREING is the only word you need for CORALINE - interchangable with MAGICAL!


Zoë Moss said...

hahaha! congratulations, Max! That's incredibly awesome. I love it when people see your film and exclaim, "THAT'S A STUDENT FILM???"

okay, it only happened once in my being there, but you gotta admit that's a pretty awesome comment.

I love that picture ... you look like you're about to take off and fly somewhere.

cale ajioka said...

congrats ol' friend. You are an inspiration. (and you munch butt)

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen I Live In The Woods.

I am Jack's Swindled Rage.


Ock said...

I watched "I Live In The Woods" on a TV embedded inside a turtle's shell. The year was 1976, I was on a Russian submarine, looking for the long lost treasure of Alec Baldwin. A turtle swam by my window, and there was The Woodsy Woodsman (no pecker) himself. What technology!

Anonymous said...

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