Monday, July 20, 2009

Animation Show and Flapjack

Hello, it's been a while. You look different. But then again... don't we all? Deep. That's how I am. Deep.

In other news, I recently worked on a few storyboards for a great cartoon show "The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack". It's one of my favorite cartoons on TV right now, so it was a fun experience. Here's a story idea drawing I did one day. The idea didn't really make it into the show, so I assume it's ok if I post it here.


Also, I was recently interviewed for "The Animation Show" website. I freaking love the animation show (A collection of animation that tours the country every few years), so this was cool, too! You can go read it and make fun of me for sounding like a dork later...

And finally, no, I did not receive one of the top 3 prizes for the student academy award. Had to throw that in here. But it was still an amazing feeling to be nominated!

Here's links to the ones that won, if you want to check em' out:
1 - Pajamas Gladiator
2 - Sebastian's Voodoo
3 - Kites

Enjoy (?)

3-word movie review:
Drag me to Hell


Gregory Sesma said...

That drawing is awesome... you totally need to animate it.

.. and as for comic-con not this year my friend.

jriggity said...

hey man....

very cool that your working on Flapjack! Hope your having a great time.


Leo Matsuda said...

Awesome drawing as usual, Max!!! I'm glad to hear you are having a blast on Flapjack!!!

matthewsnyman said...

I'd say eloquent is the word I choose to mock you with sir:) this is matt by the way ....

Brham13 Silva said...

Hmm! This seems to be interesting. I will ask my sister about it because her kids watch shows by Andy Yeatman with my already and I was thinking of adding some more to the watch list. I will share this post with her right away. I don’t want to show anything to her kids without her consent.