Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Community Christmas Special

Hello all, some "old" news here. Few months old. I animated on NBC's comedy show "Community". While it's normally a live-action show, they chose to use stop-motion for the Christmas episode, in true "American Christmas special" fashion. It was fun, I got to work alongside some really amazing and talented animators, and other sorts of folks.

I'm not sure if there's anywhere to watch the full episode online, but click here for a preview scene from

Here's a timelapse I shot with my phone of me animating one of my favorite shots I got to animate; a "Christmas Pterodactyl" swooping down and carrying this Wizard guy away into the distance.


3-word movie review
Maniac (1980)


JON said...

Brilliant work, dude!

Irina said...

Hi Max, I am from AniFest - international festival of animated films in Czech Republic and I am trying to catch you, unfortunatelly mail which I found is not working so could you contact me please? Hope that its gonna work:

Mackmation said...

That was indeed a great shot. Awesome work, the whole special turned out amazing.

philipvose said...

max, indeed your work is grrraaaaaannnnd!!!

jriggity said...

super cool...