Saturday, September 30, 2006

Goonies and Fuax Heads!

Hey! It's been a while, yeah. My scanner is broken, so it's been harder to post drawings. Now that school has started up again and I'm all inspired and whatnot, I'll be posting more often. And updating my OTHER website, too. Which is

Anyone recognize the house in this picture...? No? Yes?

I hope you answered yes, this is the house from the Goonies! Over the summer, when I was interning at Laika studios, my friends Court, Pendelton, Sean, Alex and I took a road trip up to Astoria, where they filmed Goonies. It was pretty awesome and bizzare, just to see all the locations and everything that you see in the film. It was also strange to see other groups of people doing the same thing we were, scouting out the Goonies locations! That was funny. Then we ate at a "Logger" restaurant on the way back.

Here's something I made recently. over the summer I made this little sculpture for my good friend Cassidy's 21st birthday.

It says "don't forget you can still drink water!", and the guy has a glass of water on his head. Then why does he look so... drunk'ed up? Eh, too much water I guess. I am working on another sculpture now that is stranger, freakier, and more primitive. You'll definitely see it here when I finish it this next week. Alright then, thanks for watching, come back soon.