Sunday, December 20, 2009


Hello fellows and fellowettes, here's a commercial I recently did the music for. Surrrrrre was fun. The visuals were done by my talented Japanese/Icelandic dynamic duo friends over at Magnuzaki studios. They truly are dynamic! Well, enjoy, Merry Fishmas to all and to all a food fight.

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Joy Sticks

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Hey, it's been a while. Here's two commercials I animated on recently.

Orbit Gum - "Clean it Up"

The above Orbit commercial was directed by Ace Norton. The drawings in the video were done by GOON.

Other animators were: Musa Brooker, Sihanouk Mariona, Alex Kamer, Celeste Leipham, Nancy Parczyk, Melissa Goodwin.

Bonnaroo 2010

I animated this Bonnaroo promo. It was fun... and fast paced! I didn't do the swirly logo / picture thingies. This was made at Shadow Machine. Click on the videos to go to their respective pages and see em' full size!

Well, more cooler stuff coming up next time... secret puppets from the world of television.

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Where the Wild Things Are

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Comic

Or something like that?

Also, this guy named John Ikuma has started publishing an online stop motion magazine that has some great interviews and such with talented folks. If you have any interest in stop motion, I recommend it.

Also, my girlfriend Winona Regan put a trailer up online for her fantastic film "Haunted Heart". It was traditionally hand animated and painted on cels. I did the soundtrack to it.

Have a sweaty swell time.

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District 9

Friday, August 14, 2009

Japanese Kobe Toys

Here's some funny Japanese toys I recently stumbled across on ebay. Supposedly they are called "Kobe" or "Kobi" toys.

I think I literally jumped a little bit in shock when I saw that they're facial features pop out like that. Weird!

Here's one called "Teddy the Artist". He actually draws... Looks like you put a stencil in the bottom, and he draws it on the top? Sounds like fun.

3 - word movie review:
Bucket of Blood (1959)

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Empire Muggs Back Taun Taun!

Hello. I recently got to participate in something pretty cool... Lucasfilm decided to do an online auction for charity, in which they chose a large handful of artists to modify these vinyl toys called "mighty muggs" into an interpretation of any star wars character of their choice. They call it "The Empire Muggs Back".

Luckily this happened while I was recently working at Shadow Machine animation, animating on their new show "Titan Maximum", because Lucasfilm asked a bunch of people from Shadow Machine to participate. Good timing!

I decided to go with a character from one of the most memorable shots in the whole series for me. I made the Taun Taun that Han Solo slices open, to warm Luke with it's steamy innards.

Here's a little guy, scared at the sight. Not sure who he's supposed to be actually... sort of like a Han/Luke hybrid../?

So it's up for auction for about seven more days... here's the link to mine directly, if you want to bid on it or something, eh? It's doing well so far, hopefully it'll raise a bunch of money, which will go to the Make - A - Wish foundation. Check out the other ones too, these artists did some pretty amazing stuff.

Oh yes, and soon I will have an artist profile / interview on I will edit this post with a link when that goes up. Horray for helping, yeeeeah!

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Animation Show and Flapjack

Hello, it's been a while. You look different. But then again... don't we all? Deep. That's how I am. Deep.

In other news, I recently worked on a few storyboards for a great cartoon show "The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack". It's one of my favorite cartoons on TV right now, so it was a fun experience. Here's a story idea drawing I did one day. The idea didn't really make it into the show, so I assume it's ok if I post it here.


Also, I was recently interviewed for "The Animation Show" website. I freaking love the animation show (A collection of animation that tours the country every few years), so this was cool, too! You can go read it and make fun of me for sounding like a dork later...

And finally, no, I did not receive one of the top 3 prizes for the student academy award. Had to throw that in here. But it was still an amazing feeling to be nominated!

Here's links to the ones that won, if you want to check em' out:
1 - Pajamas Gladiator
2 - Sebastian's Voodoo
3 - Kites

Enjoy (?)

3-word movie review:
Drag me to Hell

Friday, May 08, 2009

Student Academy Award!!!

Hello. Amazing News! My film "I Live in the Woods" has been nominated for a student academy award! I am amazed, and still a little shocked.

Also, I designed a new poster for my film. This one is more interesting than the last, which was just a still from the film. I wanted to take these things I like about interesting poster design and apply them to my own. Anyways.... here yeh go. Click to make it bigger.

3 - word movie review
Smiley Face

Saturday, May 02, 2009

3 x 5 drawin's and such

I haven't posted my own art in a while... I'm working on the cartoon show "The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack" right now as a storyboard artist, and these are some doodles I did yesterday in my spare time. My friend and fellow storyboard artist Somvilay Xayaphone introduced me to these brush pens which are very nice. I did these on 3x5 notecards with that pen, except for the last drawing... that one's bigger. Anyways... whoah!

3 - word movie review:
Repo: The Genetic Opera

Monday, April 27, 2009

Movie posters for the masses!

Here's some discoveries I've come across recently that stood out.

Never seen the movie... but what a striking image! What's going on? I dunno, but it looks scary, powerful, and unique.

Japanese poster for Nightmare on Elm Street. What a weird design for a movie poster... why would you even do it this way? Just seems so confusing. Unfortunately most Japanese posters for American films I have seen seem to be this style. I kind of like it but I don't think it gets the point across.

Czech poster for Marathon Man.

Czech poster for Cat o' Nine Tails. I like how something as simple as overlaying these two images can create such an odd feeling for an image. I think if I saw this photoshopped though, I would be put off... Maybe it's the painted style that helps make the idea more believable.

Polish poster for The Big Lebowski. So funny! I love the guy saying "I just bought that car last week!". If I saw this poster I would instantly buy 17 tickets.

Turkish poster for One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. This is so weird because it combines imagery from both this film and "The Shining". Look, there's Shelley Duvall on the left. Why? I don't know. To get people to come see those actors or something? Weird to imagine this technique being used on today's films...

American poster for Phantom of the Paradise. Love the composition, really does give the feel of this film. Alternately, check out...

THIS American poster for the same film. Very different, much more simple... but still conveys the darker side of the film. The representation of the main character is very different, too. Like sort of a cartoon in a real environment. Which the character sort of is in the film, too...

Anyways, fun stuff. I'm still wondering when film posters of the future will start learning from their past about the possibilities of representing the film's idea, story, and characters in a more interesting and convincing manner.

Also, if anyone wants to buy me the "greatest movie poster collection available anywhere" for $2,000,000 click here. I'm not kidding, check it out.

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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Horrible Photoshop jobs on multi - million dollar movies.

Maybe hollywood just doesn't like pets?

A better movie poster post to come soon... working like a DOG...

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Definitely not either of these

Friday, February 13, 2009

Honorable Mention!

Hello friends and kind folk!

My film "I Live in the Woods" received an honorable mention last month at Sundance! The picture above is me at the premiere screening, giving my intro. A weird moment/pose to capture... I think I was telling some joke about a sandwich or something.

I was very surprised, amazed, and excited to receive the honorable mention. Some other shorts got them as well, including this totally insane short "Treevenge" from some awesome Canadian filmmakers, and "Western Spaghetti" by one of my favorite stopmotion filmmakers PES. Twas' an honor. able. mention.

You can no longer download the film on itunes, by the way. But maybe you'll see it I dunno, in a theater, in an airplane, or maybe one day, on the surface of the mooooooon???

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sundance Update: Adam Elliot video letters

Hello, I'm up here at Sundance. Tis fun. The Sundance folks decided to do a "video letter" exchange between Academy - Award winning filmmaker Adam Elliot and I. Adam has a feature stopmotion film at Sundance, which opened the festival. The film is about two people, a man and a little girl, who are pen - pals. So Adam and I sent these video letters back and forth to each other prior to the festival, sort of mimicking the theme of his film, then they recorded us meeting for the first time at the festival.

Interesting idea! And it was fun. Adam is a very nice fellow. Here's links to the videos... check em' out! The first ones were a bit akward, but as we got further into the "letters" we loosened up a bit, they actually get pretty funny. There's some further insight into both of our films, as well.

Part 01

Part 02

To see the unedited versions of our "video letters" click here!
They are about 2 minutes each.

Also, I'm not doing any 3 - word movie review while at Sundance... too many movies here! Maybe will review some later. Have fun, comrades...

Friday, January 16, 2009

Watch my film on itunes!

Watch "I live in the Woods!" on itunes for free, for the duration of the Sundance film festival! Check it out below... clicky clicky.

Also... review it, if you wish!

Friday, January 09, 2009

More weird ebay finds

I have recently deemed myself and ebay search guru. Basically I sometimes spend way to much time scrounging on ebay finding bizarre things, that are usually too expensive for me to buy, but fun to look at. Here's some recent discoveries...

Licorice Box

Russian Wind-Up toy

Pirate and Tiger-Thing mugs

Wind-Up Scary German Baby

Black Chef buddies

There's plenty more where these came from. Some are still for sale by the way... Don't get bit by the ebay bug, though. Snap...

I actually recently bought a set of audio cassette tapes by my favorite commercial evangelical preacher, Bob Larson. Which may soon be the subject of my next "Precious Joke" podcast... stay tuned.

3-word movie review:
The Shining