Thursday, April 26, 2007

Friends and new Friends(?)

Hey. I just gotta say that my friend Cale Ajioka just made one of the coolest comics I have seen in years, litereally. Please go look at it here:

Then you can vote for it in this contest - thingy it's in, which I think you should do because it is without a doubt the best one on the site by far! I am not joking. Check it out. Also...

Lloyd Kaufman (President of TROMA entertainment, creator of the Toxic Avenger, and more) was at CalArts tonight! He gave a presentation in my business of film class. He was the one of the nicest, most open people I have met, and one of the sleaziest older men I have met. And I've met my fair share! Nah, just kidding. But it was really awesome, and now I have A BUNCH of leftover pamphlets and TROMA stickers. Does anybody want some?

This guy is amazing, as you can see here.

Thursday, April 05, 2007


I finally finished shooting the last shot of my stopmotion film this last weekend! Here's a picture of me attacking the set after I was done. My friend Musa helped me shoot it, and he was freaking awesome. I'm not going to show the whole set, because it's for a really important shot and I don't want to spoil it before people see my film. But here's kind of a sneak preview...

Lots of Queen was listened to during this shoot.

These pictures are from a quick project I shot last semester, about this guy who's really hungry then realizes what he can eat. I'll put it up on YouTube or my website soon.

Here's me acting like the puppet... or is it him acting like me...?!?