Monday, April 29, 2013

The Story of Pines

Hey everyone! Here is a long - overdue post. Early last year I was lucky enough to get to work with some close friends to help realize a story by Alison Sudol (Of the band A Fine Frenzy) into a short animated film. My official credits were Storyboards, Editor, and "Adapted for the screen by". Basically I worked with Alison & director Musa Brooker (an amazing animator as well) to help condense Alison's 40-page story into a 12-ish minute film, which would be released in conjunction with her new album. So the songs drive the story, the story reflects the music, etc.

This was a unique project because we had to develop Alison's vision, which was very personal and sensitive, into a film. Usually, working in animation, most the projects I work on are silly, wild, violent, comedy-based etc, and although I love those kind of jobs, this was an interesting and challenging change of pace... and actually one of the funnest times I've had working on a project!

The story is about a bird and a tree who befriend one another and help each other on their journey through life. If you have 12 minutes to sit back and soak-in a sweet story, check it out! The film was shot with the unique style of cut-out animation on a down-shooter.

Here is a "making-of" video. There are many more of these, covering different topics, on the "takepart" youtube channel. Thanks to Participant Media for the opportunity to work on this.

Here is some development art I did early on in the production, to help figure out the style and feel of the film.


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