Thursday, July 12, 2007

More Movie Posters

Hey! Instead of posting my own stuff, here's some foreign posters for American films to look at, again. Mostly Polish, again.



CAULDRON OF BLOOD (This one's American)

SHORT CIRCUIT 2 (Never even saw it...)

TRADING PLACES (Seems weird at first... but makes sense when relating to the film!)

DUEL (Amazingly simple, yet so true...)

Yeah, some of these are pretty amazing! Soon I may post new, horribly designed movie posters, then my own version of how I would do them. Just to see if I can "walk the walk" or whatever... maybe... have fun!


Anonymous said...

that cauldron of blood poster is so weird looking to me... tops.

Anonymous said...
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Philip Vose said...

hey max. me like the posters mucho. they've got the antique feel to it. glad you like the things i post too. i'm working on getting better. hope things are great for you. peace out homie.

Zamiel said...

If you like a Polish posters, you should see the Polish animation:
Jan Lenica also did posters.