Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Luigi film screening

My short Machinima film "Luigi's Burden" was shown this last friday at a Machinima film screening at Machine Project in LA. Here's an article about the show on CNET.

They used a still from my film in the article, too! Cool. The article says that my film shows "where the genre might be headed". Hmmm... if you haven't seen the film, here it is on youtube.


jriggity said...

awesome man!

funny stuff.


Anonymous said...

you didn't tell me this, cool.

Ash K said...

that was so awesome.

Leo Matsuda said...

Hey Max!!! How's everything going dude? ...Can wait to see what you will come up this year. Love your stuff

Heidi Smith said...

Awesome machinima!!! That was really cool, I wish I could have done something like that for my machinima!!

Neil Graf said...

Man, that ruled. Great use of space and the elements of the game.. it progressed so well.
Always good to see more of your stuff. =]