Sunday, August 05, 2007

Fart Club and documentaries

Here's a comic I made the other day.

Also, here are links to a bunch of documentaries I have watched recently. I would recommend all of them, depending on what you're into. If you have some time... check some out.

History of Heavy Metal
History of Video Games
History of Hacking
Louis Theroux and the Nazis
Boystown: Conspiracy of Silence (creepy...)
The most hated family in America
Jimi Hendrix's full Woodstock performance
The ABC's of Sex education for trainables (weird...)
Louis Theroux - Televangelists

Enjoy wasting your time learning!


Ben Adams said...

Max! You have a blog! I must "link". That's probably slowly becoming an industry term ha ha.
Question: How do I join the fart club???
oh and the shot glass--just a sticker man, but the right way to do it is glass printing... I know there are websites where you can actually get this stuff proffessionaly done. Who knew?

Anonymous said...

the girl in your film still makes me feel strange...

Josh (musarter) said...

I could sit and watch these all day. But I must work too. Bills to pay, children to feed and all that hog wash. Thanks for stopping by my site.

cale ajioka said...

I also want to join the Fart Club!

cale ajioka said...

have you hear of this movie? AACHI & SSIPAK
i need to see it right now ow how!


Oh my god your blog is so fun. Keep it up. I love your stuff. And I LOVE your title image above.