Friday, January 11, 2008

Happy New Year drawings!

Actually I did these last year! But they seem to all be sorta happy in some way... I like drawing straight with pen, with no planning beforehand, that's where these came from. Also, I have decided to do "3 - word movie reviews" with each one of my new posts. People's movie reviews are usually too long, boring, and self - absorbent to read, so I figure I'll keep it short and simple then maybe people can get into it.

3 - word movie review:
Alien vs Predator: Requiem


Leo Matsuda said...

Awesome sketches man! I love the lady legs. Really nice shapes! The hair is pretty cool too!

samacleod said...

Nice drawings! I love that guy onthe second page with the FRO! Haha!

lorelay bove said...

Happy new year drawings!
they are hillarious!
that lady on the last page is a really funny character, I like her outfit!

Anonymous said...

thanks for good day + love.
The first one looks like me...
I like the last lady too. you should draw more ladies. rawr.