Thursday, January 17, 2008

Me and George Lucas

To make a long, crazy story short... I received the Princess Grace Award for film last year, there was a reception where I met George Lucas, James Earl Jones, and Sir Roger Moore gave me my award. Photo courtesy of Princess Grace Awards/Jerry Lacay.

3 - word movie review:


Gregory Sesma said...

very cool max

samacleod said...

Dude, awesome. I thought the long story short was going to be how you photoshoped your head on that guy's body! haha. Very cool, congrats, bro.

cale ajioka said...

hahahaha thats fucking sweet

Anonymous said...

you look good. yeeaaahhh. and I guess it's cool that you met george lucas too...

Why Edward Juan? said...

Yeah dude! Congratulations! You are the third person I know that received the award. Princess Grace is proud of you up in Monaco heaven. So did you spent that good money to good equipments?

brigette b said...

Your beard is better than George's.

Congrats on the grant, too!

jriggity said...



heft heft.

congrats dood.


cquack9991 said...

Thats cool you got the Princess Grace Award. I guess that makes you Mad Princess Winston.

On the other hand, I'm angry you didn't smack old George on the back of his head a put him in time out for making Episode!.

Congrats Again!