Sunday, December 20, 2009


Hello fellows and fellowettes, here's a commercial I recently did the music for. Surrrrrre was fun. The visuals were done by my talented Japanese/Icelandic dynamic duo friends over at Magnuzaki studios. They truly are dynamic! Well, enjoy, Merry Fishmas to all and to all a food fight.

3-word movie review:
Joy Sticks


jriggity said...

The music sounds great man!

i didnt know you could do music too? Youve been busy lately...good stuff.


bRYEnd_of_the_schtick said...

(^ anyone "COULD" do everyth1NKg...
(^ letting others help out has its merits too tho.

(^ child rearing can become a fun treat to share with those untrained but willing to try.

(^ wtf?!
tsk wrong bit but fun to listen to anyway..
hold on.

(^ grr.. I WILL find this dernBand thing I swear it

(^ oh. FOUND IT!!!
(^ i guess my mind is at the moment focused on this one mp3 about songs ( ok any project really) are like kids:

(^ this one's a fond memory I simply wish to .shhhAIRerrrr

(^ strange to admit that talking to pl has an effect on what choices they make.
but there it is.
(^ pitching is too simple.

(^> prosser