Thursday, January 28, 2010


Welcome to 2010! So futuristic. I've been drawing a lot and trying to pitch some cartoon show ideas. Here's some drawings.

I doodled the above sorta-poster design recently while watching the film "I spit on your grave". I thought the film was very well done... but definitely NOT for the faint of heart! It is very extreme and messed up and disturbing. But if you're into that stuff, check it out, ha. Alright, have a good time.

3 - word movie review:
I Spit on Your Grave (1978)


Mike Letendre said...

wow. Nice work man.

Leo Matsuda said...

That skeleton is badass!!! I wish I could throw heads like him.
We gotta hang out sometime soon, MAD MAX!!!

jriggity said...

Great work here man!


Christian Robinson said...

1stly Your drawing are really cool! so much character.
i laughed pretty hard when i read the comment you left about not getting responses to your emails.
The whole situation is pretty crazy, but we we're both fortunate to get the opportunity and some financial help out of it :o)
hope life is treating well.

Romney Caswell said...

Sweet drawings drawer!!

patrick sean gibson said...

cool sch'tuff max!